Salsas Family


Kitchen Masters - History, Heat & Soul

Salsa began with Hector, and the day to day consistency of flavor that keeps people returning is anchored by the kitchen staff, which includes matriarch Lola, along with her cousin Dilcia, Jeisson the night manager, key cook Fidel, and José, the kitchen manager.

All are long-time members of the Salsa family. Lola is the mother figure who provides the historic flavor memory and depth of knowledge to the kitchen. Dilcia chops faster than anyone and keeps the sauces and salsas fresh and prepared to be served to salivating guests.

José's dimples would be enough for most, but he's also masterful in the kitchen. He trained along side Chef Hector, learning and downloading stories, ingredients and techniques for over a decade. Now he gets plate after spicy plate out to the dining room at an impressive pace. His younger sister, Jackie, is coming up through the ranks as the new grill master.

Many of the staff have more than a decade as part of the restaurant's history. They are the foundation and legacy of Salsa.


Servers - Hosting the Party

Salsa is the best disruption if you're having a bad day and the best pick-me-up on any day. And these people know it. They are as devoted to service as they are to each other and love to make suggestions to first time guests while hugging the regulars.

Funny and focused, the servers and kitchen staff add flavor to the food, to the vibe and to Asheville's culinary scene. Ask anyone who works at Salsa's about another member of the team and they'll smile and then use 5 descriptive adjectives and follow it up with a story ... as families do. 

“Before there was Google, there was Salsas.”

Farm to Table